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By Bernard

Russian River Fishing

Summer Fishing starts with the Shad run in May through July. Then as soon as the water warms up, the Smallmouth fishing starts. An occasional trout, Striper or Largemouth can be found, but for numbers of fish caught, Smallmouth are it!

Winter fishing is what the Russian is known for. Historical accounts tell of large runs of Steelhead throughout the length of the river fall to spring. The photo at the top is a fish taken before Christmas 1995. First fish of the day and its weight was 11.5 lbs. The Russian is currently the only river where two fish can be kept. These fish must be hatchery fish; no wild fish can be taken. We have some of the best Steelhead action in the state. Local accommodation for food, wine and lodging are excellent. Sonoma and Mendocino Counties make vacation and weekend visits memorable.

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