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By Bernard

Stanislaus River Fishing

The Stanislaus River is our number one trip. In a one day drift you can catch five species of fish. The river is located just one hour and fifteen minutes from San Francisco. Fishing the Stanni is a memorable experience for the beginner or experienced angler alike.

Rainbow Trout and Small Mouth Bass are regularly caught up to 4 pounds. In the same water you will find Stripers to 40 pounds. We have landed several Stripers in the 20 pound range on fly rods and spinning gear.

The season starts on January 1st, at which time the Rainbows are feeding on Salmon fry and eggs. This is when the big 'Bows are caught. The water is low at this time of year until the snow melt starts. As the end of winter nears, the Striper fishing starts. The stripers are a combination of resident and migratory fish. Small Mouth are available all year and are larger that fish I've seen in any river.

The scenery and the water have to be seen to be believed. The Stanislaus River is truly an oasis in the Central Valley. Upper Stanni walk-in trips are provided with camping along the river.

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Mike Fong and guide with striper.
Photo by Christine Fong