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By Bernard

Spring and Summer Fishing

We provide single or multiple day fishing trips. Walk-in trips to special locations. Drift Boat trips with fly or conventional tackle. From coastal waters to the Sierras, San Francisco Bay to the Oregon Border.

Stanislaus River - Central Valley
In a single day you can catch five species of fish; Rainbows, German Browns, Small Mouth Bass, Large Mouth Bass, and Striped Bass.

Russian River - Sonoma County
Small Mouth Bass, Shad and Striped Bass

Lake Sonoma - Sonoma County
Small Mouth Bass and Large Mouth Bass
Lake Fishing starts in February and continues through the summer. Early Large Mouth is fishing is fantastic at Lake Sonoma with catch rates as high as 40 fish per angler a day possible.

Lake Mendocino and Clear Lake - Mendocino County
Large Mouth Bass and Record Crappie
Great Smallmouth and striper fishing early in the season. The fishing tapers off as the weather warms and the boat traffic picks up.

McCloud River - Mt. Shasta
Rainbows and big German Browns The McCloud is a true paradise for Big German Browns. At the conservancy there are the largest Browns in the state. Ultra light spin gear is preferable, but fly fishing is very good for the experienced angler.

Bay Delta - Bay Area
Striper fishing is the best at the end of the summer. My biggest Delta fish was caught in September. The best numbers of fish are caught toward the end of October. Largest fish are in the 20 pound range with the average running 3 to 8 pounds.

stanislaus river striper
stanislaus river striper
small mouth