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By Bernard

Smith River Fishing

Big, bad, tough, bright, wilds, strong and beautiful fish. That's all you need to say and fishermen know what fish your speaking of, Smith River Salmon and Steelhead. Not only does the cold clear waters produce a fish legends are made of, but the scenery is right out of fairy tale. This northern river in California is surrounded by one of the largest national parks. The water is big with an incredible green blue color from the high mineral content.

Salmon in the 50lb range and a Steelhead record now close to 30lbs, it is the ultimate in salmonid fishing. These fish will take a fly with an eagerness and ferocity of a pit bull. Fly-fishing is a true sport on the Smith due to the large water and current. Steelhead will leave an angler standing in the boat with backing coming to an end and a fear that the knot tied at the reel might have been tied in haste. Conventional fishing with bait and lure is the most productive method. Season begins in October for Salmon, by December the Steelhead start showing. Visit the Smith River one time and it will haunt you your whole life!

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